Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WEDNESDAY, May 11 Cumberland Woodland Owners Assoc Meeting on Native Pollinators and Honey Bees

Native Pollinators and Honey Bees

Laurie Collins and Tim Weller will be the featured speakers at the Wednesday, May 11 meeting of the Cumberland Woodland Owners Association.  They will speak about the importance of “Native Pollinators and Honey Bees.”  The meeting will be at 7:00 PM, at the Franklin County Ag Heritage Building which is located at 185 Franklin Farm Lane in Chambersburg.  The meeting is open to the public.   You do not have to be a member of the association and there is no cost to attend.  The meeting is handicap accessible.  Directions are available at:  http://extension.psu.edu/franklin/directions.

In forested and other natural areas, pollinators assist in the production of fruits and seeds that are essential to the diets of wildlife such as small and large mammals, and especially migratory and game birds. It is those seeds and fruits, consumed and dispersed by wildlife, that maintain natural ecosystems and can help revegetate areas disturbed by natural events or commercial harvesting and development.  Pollinators need a diverse, abundant food source and a place to build their nests and rear their young.  As land managers, if woodland owners keep these two elements in mind they can encourage pollinator populations.

The Cumberland Woodland Owners Association is an organization of forestland owners and others interested in forestry issues in south central Pennsylvania.  For more information about the meeting or the Cumberland Woodland Owners Association, contact Fred Peabody at 717-776-3565 (email: fredp5@earthlink.net) or Mike Waldron, 717-677-7317 (email:  mdwald57@yahoo.com).

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